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A1470 - Yei Be Chai Rug

A1470 - Yei Be Chai Rug

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Product Information

ca 1940's
This is a handmade Native American rug and a one of a kind item. Yei and Yei be Chai rugs depict Navajo Yei dieties. A 'Yei' rug shows the deities themselves, facing outward. A 'Yei Be Chai' depicts masked dancers in impersonation of these deities. Tradition holds that it is tabu to weave the eyes of the Yeis into the rug, so many Yei and Yei Be Chai rugs will have the eyes sewn in after the rug is woven. This rug is woven with natural and aniline dyed wool. This rug measures 49 1/2" x 79 1/2".