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A1653 - Navajo Handwoven Yei Rug

A1653 - Navajo Handwoven Yei Rug

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Navajo Handwoven Yei Rug CA 1925-1930
Navajo handwoven Yei pictorial rug by an unknown weaver. A Yei is a spiritual being that possesses powers that are requested during traditional ceremonies. This rug is woven with natural and aniline dyed wool that has been hand-carded and hand-spun. This rug is embellished with front-facing eight male Yei figures with seven of the figures holding prayer sticks and one figure holding a coyote. The colors used are red, orange, grey and black against a white background with a black border. CA 1925-30. One of a kind. Measures 82" by 36".