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A1654 - Navajo Handwoven Red Mesa Rug

A1654 - Navajo Handwoven Red Mesa Rug

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Product Information

Navajo Handwoven Red Mesa Rug CA 1930
Navajo handwoven Red Mesa rug by an unknown weaver. Red Mesa is located in the northeast corner of Arizona. Red Mesa rugs date back to the late 1800's during the transitional period of Navajo weaving. This rug is woven with natural and aniline dyed wool which the weaver has hand-carded, hand-washed, and hand-spun. This rug is embellished with three columns of stacked, serrated diamonds, the center column of diamonds features bow and arrow motifs, and there are half diamonds near the border. CA 1930. This is a one of a kind item. This rug measures 67" by 45".