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A395 - Red Mesa Runner

A395 - Red Mesa Runner

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Product Information

ca 1930
This is a handmade Native American rug and is a one of a kind item. This Red Mesa runner is unusually large and is woven with natural and aniline dyed wool. The wool had been sheared off of a sheep, which the weaver had to hand-card the wool to clear out all impurities, then she would have had to hand-wash the wool. Gathering enough wool for a rug this size would take about a month. The weaver would then have to spin the wool to the get it ready for weaving. This particular rug has a mixture of the natural, vegetal and aniline (in-expensive dye) dyed wool which would take another couple of months. Weaving a rug this size would take about a year to complete. The design itself has a serrated border and the central design has an intricate head-to-head triangle design. This 1930's rug measures 141" x 72".