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Papago Basket

Size: 15" W3.5" H
SKU: 900088549




Historic Papago (now known as the Tohono O'odham) handwoven basket by an unknown artist. The Tohono O'odham, located in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and Mexico, are also known for their fine basketry. They are descendants of the Hohokam culture and are closely related to the Pima. At the turn of the century, the baskets served as a vital instrument used for religious ceremonies, carrying, preparing and serving food, washing, collecting, storing, trading, payment, and gifting. Traditional basket materials included willow, cottonwood, devil's claw, cattail, beargrass, and yucca root. The coiled baskets are made with bundled willow twigs and wrapped with yucca and devil's claw. This particular closed-stitch basket is woven with wide strips of yucca and devil's claw and is designed with four sets of lighting motifs. The condition of this basket is very good with the rim intact.

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