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Sara Navasie Hopi Plaque

SKU: 900099069

B1236 – Beautiful Hopi Plaque


This is a handwoven Hopi plaque basket by Sara Navasie. It takes hard work and dedication to weave a plaque. When picking the materials it is proper to give a food offering in Hopi tradition and pick enough to leave some for others. While picking, weavers think about the blessings they received. If a plaque doesn't want to be flat, it wants to be a basket, vice versa, from basket to plaque. Each plaque and basket is important representing the Hopi life and plant life. For instance, this Hopi plaque has a Nuvak'chin mana katsina represent snow and moisture, and above her is representing plant life and it measures 14 3/4 in diameter. One of kind plaque.
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