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Cameron Trading Post

  • 100 Years of Memories


    This year Cameron Trading Post is celebrating our 100th year in business.  This would not have been possible without all of you who have visited over these many years. Looking back, all of us that work here have many memories of people who have traveled through just once and those who return time and again.  Would you share your memories, stories, and photos of Cameron Trading Post with us? We’d really enjoy hearing from you.


    The Cameron Crew.

  • Tsiiyeel-Navajo Hair Bun

  • A Father's Day Tribute-featuring Jimmy Jensen

    On this Father's Day, June 19, 2016, we want to thank all the fathers who have passed down their talents and traditions and wish them a Happy Father's Day.

  • The Cameron Yei-Part of our Centennial Celebration







    The Cameron Trading Post Yei Dancer, originally a gesture of friendship, has come to be our logo. How fitting to have a personal gift become the representation of a company who thinks of their peers and visitors over the last 100 years as family. Some time ago, Robert Yellowhair, a talented Navajo artist and friend of company president Joe Atkinson presented him with a watercolor painting and a note "The Navajo Clown, to my friend Joe". Pleased with the painting, Joe asked to use it as the company logo, and as the old adage goes, the rest is history. Yet beyond the history of the friendship that brought about this painting, there is a story behind the Yei depicted. Blue Body of the fourth world, as he is called (or Water Sprinkler) is said to bring rain and is a water carrier of the gods. The jar used to carry the water is symbolized in stories and sandpaintings, but it is not carried in masked impersonations. Blue body uses this jar to sprinkle the water in four directions. While his main job is to control the rain and waters, his duties go beyond sprinkling water. He is also able to separate and walk through deep or underground waters. He is sometimes sent to investigate things in the water, such as dams that stop a whirling log. It is his job to see who has created the dam. In addition, he also is responsible for extinguishing the fire made by Black God. However, during the Night Chant, Blue Body is depicted as a clown and it is this depiction that I believe brought Yellowhair to paint this particular Yei for his friend Joe. As seen in the painting and understood during the performance, Blue Body wears low quality clothing since he may get wet. As a clown, he dances out of step with the others and gets in their way. While they're focused on their dance, he looks around distractedly, then later focuses as the rest of the dancers leave. Once he realizes he is alone, he runs as fast as he can to catch up to them. Sometimes, as is the case of the Cameron Yei, Blue Body carries an animal skin which he drops on the ground during the dance and pretends not to notice. He then spends time hunting for the skin with great frustration as it lay there in plain sight. After foolishly searching for the skin, he finds it and pounces on it as though it is alive and needs to be killed. He then lifts it and carries it as though he's lifted all his burdens and carries it away on his back. It is said this is to symbolize his satisfaction with the ceremony.

    In honor of our 100th Anniversary and our pleasure of being here for you these last hundred years, we are having 50 limited edition bronzed Cameron Yei's made which will be available for sale in the store or online. Artist and sculpture Susan Kliewer designed the bronze piece and Andrea Petersen is doing the patina. After meeting with Joe, they have brought to bronze the watercolor painting he was given many years ago. We look forward to sharing this with you as we continue to celebrate our first 100 years.

  • Navajo Rug Weaver-Elsie Glander

    For eighteen years, Elsie Glander has worked at the Cameron Trading Post. Enjoy this video displaying her talent and many of the rugs she has woven throughout the years. Without the benefit of a pattern, Elsie's rugs are all woven from designs she creates. Her favorite styles include Storm Patterns and Two Grey Hills. If you have not yet had the opportunity to see Elsie in person, this is rug weaving at its finest.

  • Coyote and the Stars

  • Homemade Treats for the Season

    fudge scale fudge rack prickly pear


    Cameron Trading Post fudge is now being shipped.  We have made the fudge available for purchase on our online store just in time for the holidays.  Send a taste of the Southwest to your friends and family and order some for yourself.  We have our traditional flavors- Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Walnut, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Walnut, Milk Chocolate Pecan, Peanut Butter Chocolate and introducing our brand new flavor--Prickly Pear!

  • Piñon Nuts are Here

    pinon nuts

    It's fall and here at Cameron, that means piñon season. This little sweet nut is something we look forward to each year, but usually is only a good crop every two to three years. It depends on the "mood of the trees". We're all carrying them in our pockets for a quick snack and now you can purchase them on our online store for $8.99 per four ounce bag. Enjoy a taste of fall, Cameron style.

  • Roadrunners



    "Where'd he go," a woman asks, clutching her camera as she chases the trail of our resident roadrunner. "I've been trying to get a picture of him all week".

    I smile, as others point in the direction of one of two of Cameron's resident roadrunners. Truth be told, there may be more, but lately, there are two we've seen scurrying over the Cameron grounds. For us, the roadrunners are part of the scenery, much like a squirrel in the woods or a prairie dog in Colorado. Yet, we know, the scenery of Cameron and the Arizona desert is unique when compared to other parts of the country and the world. The roadrunners have become a symbol of the Southwest experience and a day hasn't gone by when we have not witnessed someone chasing the trail of the evasive roadrunner in an effort to snap a shot of the roadrunner and share it with the world. We've decided to collect some photos we've gathered of the roadrunners and we hope you too will share yours.



    Shortly after I witnessed the woman throw up her hands in defeat, I stepped outside and there was the roadrunner to greet me. We walked next to each other and I gently grabbed my camera. He settled in the garden to strike a pose before fleeing with his friend. The roadrunner has been spotted in the garden, on visitor's trucks, behind the restaurant and walking down the motel walkways. They've become the Where's Waldo of the trading post. Share your photos with us and let's see where they end up next.

    roadrunner making rounds blogroadrunner blog

  • Della

    Della rose Della dress

    Recently, Cameron Trading Post lost an icon.  For those who knew Della Chief, you know how difficult it is to put into words a personality so great.  Della took care of us all, through food, prayer, smiles and laughter.  She guided us with wise words, advising "No matter how big Cameron gets, don't forget what it is that makes Cameron so special".  It's people like you Della, you made Cameron special.  We will miss her deeply but the contributions and impressions she made will not be forgotten.



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