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"Where'd he go," a woman asks, clutching her camera as she chases the trail of our resident roadrunner. "I've been trying to get a picture of him all week".

I smile, as others point in the direction of one of two of Cameron's resident roadrunners. Truth be told, there may be more, but lately, there are two we've seen scurrying over the Cameron grounds. For us, the roadrunners are part of the scenery, much like a squirrel in the woods or a prairie dog in Colorado. Yet, we know, the scenery of Cameron and the Arizona desert is unique when compared to other parts of the country and the world. The roadrunners have become a symbol of the Southwest experience and a day hasn't gone by when we have not witnessed someone chasing the trail of the evasive roadrunner in an effort to snap a shot of the roadrunner and share it with the world. We've decided to collect some photos we've gathered of the roadrunners and we hope you too will share yours.



Shortly after I witnessed the woman throw up her hands in defeat, I stepped outside and there was the roadrunner to greet me. We walked next to each other and I gently grabbed my camera. He settled in the garden to strike a pose before fleeing with his friend. The roadrunner has been spotted in the garden, on visitor's trucks, behind the restaurant and walking down the motel walkways. They've become the Where's Waldo of the trading post. Share your photos with us and let's see where they end up next.

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