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Cameron Trading Post

  • Meeting Mary C. Lovato

    Story by Wayne Kuwanhyoima II (pictured holding oven bread from Santo Domingo).   Meeting with Mary C. Lovato was the greatest day I ever had. She comes from the Pueblo tribe Santa Domingo in New Mexico. I had the privilege to sit down and talk to her about her...
  • Spring

    Photo by Wayne K. II Spring has arrived in Cameron. Sitting in the garden this morning, there's the feeling that it just rained. The morning dew coats the flowers waiting to be sniffed. The breeze is mixed with the warm air of spring and the coolness of the morning...
  • The Times They Are a Changin'

    Times they are a changin'.  Well, for most.  This Sunday many Americans will begrudgingly turn their clocks forward one hour.  Arizona, will not.  Well, most of Arizona.  Every year during daylight savings time we have a flood of visitors understandably confused by the time change.  They look to their "smart...
  • Rudy

    For those of you who have visited us often, you may have noticed some familiar faces.  Many of us have been here for generations and the trading post has become a second family.  This week, we were saddened to learn of the passing of Rudy Martinez who was a part...
  • A Day with a Code Talker

    A few summers ago I interviewed a Code Talker. At the time, I was prepared, but not necessarily excited. It wasn't that I didn't realize who I was interviewing, or what great deed they had done, I had done significant research and I grew up around the Navajo culture and...
  • Elsie

    If you've visited our rug room you've probably met weaver Elsie Glander. And, if you had the time, you probably took her picture. And for those of you lucky enough to have the time and desire to strike up a conversation, you probably learned Elsie has not only an incredible...
  • Restaurant Blessing

    Last week we had a dedication ceremony or Blessingway for the new addition to our restaurant. Now, I admit, I personally was not there, but I'm in charge of sharing things with you online while my colleagues are busy greeting those of you who visit us at the trading post...
  • Passing of the Last Original Navajo Code Talker

    The passing of Marine veteran Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers, marks the end of an era. Chester Nez was the last of the original twenty-nine Navajo men who created a code that couldn't be cracked by the Japanese during WWII. He was part of the...
  • Going to the Dance

    It’s Saturday night around 9 p.m. and I am getting ready to go out to a dance. I put on my long johns, some flannel boxers, pants, thermal shirt, heavy long-sleeve, my coat, two pairs of socks, my boots. I am ready to go. I stop on my way and...
  • Grand Canyon Fee Free Day

    Photo Courtesy of Todd Anderson   On January 20, 2014 enjoy a fee free day at some of the area’s greatest National Parks, including the Grand Canyon. Cameron is the perfect base camp to visit participating fee free parks such as the Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument...

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