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Arapaho Pipe Bag CA 1890

Arapaho Pipe Bag CA 1890

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Product Information

C713 - Arapaho Pipe Bag CA 1890
Arapaho Pipe Bag CA 1890 of Native tanned buckskin. Aniline dyed porcupine quilled slats sewn to bottom of bag with sinew. Buckskin double fringe sewn to bottom. The front of the bag has a rectangular panel at the lower half decorated with beading. The beaded blue cross designs signifies that the pipe bag is distinctly Arapaho Made. The top edge of the bag is beaded in a white band interrupted at regular intervals by navy blue edged in light blue. The decorative quill-wrapped thongs that also serve to hang the bag are coloured with red. The slatted panel is quill wrapped with designs of two crosses. SS-95 is written on the inside of the bag, which entails that the piece may possibly be a collection number. The complete bag is approximately 41 inches long including the 15 inches of fringe at the bottom. The bag measures approximately 5 3/4 inches at it's widest point.