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C715 - Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins

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C715 - Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins

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Product Information

Handmade Cheyenne Beaded Tanned Hide Moccasins.
Handmade Cheyenne beaded moccasins. These moccasins are sinew-sewn with the exception of the commercial cloth lining around the ankle opening. Moccasins are made of brain tanned and smoked deer hide. The lace along the tongue flap adorns the edges of the bifurcated tabs with fine lace beadwork terminating with tin cone and horsehair decorations. The moccasin features vamp beading with three panels of hide decorated with hoof prints. There is also a double band of beads along the base with flanked diamond decorations. The brain tanned deer hide has been rubbed with yellow ochre. Very beautiful and intricate beadwork. Near excellent condition. Buffalo hide soles measure 11" long and 3 1/2" wide. CA 1880. One of a kind.