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Clara James, Navajo Handwoven Raised Outline Yei Rug

Clara James, Navajo Handwoven Raised Outline Yei Rug

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R19286; 946437
Navajo handwoven Raised Outline/ Yei rug by Clara James. The raised outline refers to the vertical lines that run through out the rug. Yei rugs are tall, elongated spirits which represent protection. In each hand they are holding prayer sticks. In a properly conducted ceremony it is believed to restore mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health; between the Yei's cornstalks, feathers and arrows may appear, and a Rainbow Guardian often surrounds and protects the figures on three sides. Usually, the long body of the “rainbow yei” surrounds them. The weaver used a mixture of natural and commercially dyed wool. One of a kind. This rug measures 29" x 42"".