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Navajo Handmade Porcelain Doll

Size: 7" W14" H
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Navajo handmade porcelain Pueblo Man doll by Cheryl Yazza. The dolls are all very realistic, and Cheryl works hard to achieve this. First, she pours the sand into a mold and fires them. This makes the porcelain. Next, she sands down the molds and fires them again. Then, she paints the faces and fires them for a 3rd time. The eyes are put in place, and the mold is attachd to the body which has been stuffed and sewn together. The clothing is sewn together and put onto the body. The wig is then ironed, cut, styled, and then glued onto the hair. All the accessories and jewelry are hand strung, or sewn, then put onto the doll. Cheryl Yazza, loves what she does. She puts a tremendous amount of time, effort, and dedication into her work for us to enjoy her dolls.

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