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Frederica Antonio

Frederica Antonio was born in 1968 into the Acoma Pueblo. Frederica was inspired to continue the long lived family tradition of making pottery by her mother-in-law, Mildred Antonio. Frederica developed an interest in pottery making while observing Mildred hand-coil and paint on her pottery. Mildred taught Frederica the fundamentals of pottery making. Frederica began making pottery when she was 18.

Frederica specializes in contemporary hand coiled pottery with hand painted intricate eye dazzling designs. She fashions a brush from the stems of a yucca plant to paint her eye dazzling designs. She also paints a band on the side of her pottery with kokopelli. She uses different colors of paint to create a unique three-dimensional effect. She hand coils a variety of sizes and styles making every one of her pots is a one of a kind work of art. She signs her work with: F.V. Antonio, Acoma, N.M. Frederica is the cousin of Melissa Antonio.