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Antique Native American Indian Art Gallery

Antique Native American Indian Art Gallery

Cameron Art Gallery

Historic Dwelling

Within this historic dwelling of sandstone and wood you will discover the heart of authentic Native American art and history and the beauty of its contemporary expression. Fine antique Plains Indian beadwork, Native American Indian baskets, Navajo rugs and blankets, Pueblo Indian pottery ceramics, and old West memorabilia combine artfully with exceptional pieces by renowned contemporary Native American Indian artists. Fine Navajo rugs by weavers like Etta Peacock, Beautifully detailed Hopi Kachina dolls by carvers such as Touchoney Slim, elegant pottery by well known Pueblo potters like Maria Martinez, just to name a few! Our gallery also houses fine Native American Indian jewelry, historic and contemporary. If you can’t visit us personally, then “click” on into our Native American Indian online store and browse our wonderful selection. In the oldest frontier tradition, trading posts were the common ground where culture, art and community met and flourished. This has remained true through the advent of the motorcar, the airplane, and now you can visit without ever leaving your home, via the internet!

For collectors and appreciators of authentic American Indian art alike, this remarkable collection preserves and exemplifies the colorful and exciting history of the American Southwest. Come enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dinosaur Crossing!

Dinosaur Crossing

Be sure and keep your eyes open for the Dinosaur Tracks!
While visiting our gallery, be sure and keep your eyes open for dinosaur tracks! The sandstone walls and pathways of our gallery hold another surprise. Preserved in the sandstone are the tracks of the Cheirotherium, a dinosaur that walked during the Triassic period, pressing its prints into the mud and compacting it. When that mud turned to sandstone, the stone wore away around the more compact print leaving these reliefs!

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