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Great Lakes Bandolier Bag

Great Lakes Bandolier Bag

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Product Information

C688-Great Lakes Bandolier Bag Circa 1900
Great Lakes Bandolier Bag CA 1900 Great Lakes Beaded Bandolier Bag. Sewn in three pieces: the strap, the main panel, and an interim panel between. All beading sewn onto blue trade cloth with a white muslin backing. Strap and main panel edged in yellow satin. Interim panel edged in red satin. The beaded panels for the strap and main panel are loom beaded in a woodland leaf design against a white background. The detailed pattern features four large leaves mirroring each other with smaller leaves, branches, and leaf buds. The colours used in the main panel and straps are are burnt orange, light blue, green, dark blue, red white-hearts, greasy yellow, black, and white. The interim panel is beaded in a design of two parallel zig-zag lines of burnt orange with scatterings of translucent green. The lines are outlined in white. Loom beaded strips in a double butterfly pattern are hung from the bottom of the bag as tassels and terminate in poms of dark purple yarn tied with red and topped with trade beads of white, black, blue, and translucent red. The colours used in the tassels include those mentioned above with the addition of rose, translucent yellow, and dark green. The bag is in excellent condition. It measures 41 1/2 inches long hanging and is 13 inches wide.