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Martina Martin Handwoven Hopi Coil Placard

Martina Martin Handwoven Hopi Coil Placard

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Product Information

HB14100 - Hopi Placard
This is a handwoven placard (basket) by Hopi artist Martina Martin. The basket depicts a Mudhead Clown Kachina wielding a rattle. Hopi Coiled baskets are well known by their superior tight weave. Most of these baskets with the Kachinas were woven around the 30's and 40's and were primarily made for trade. They are nonetheless very finely woven. The different colorations of the yucca that can be seen in this basket are produced by collecting the yucca in different seasons of the year, for example the yellow yucca is collected during the winter. The Red yucca is ochre pigment dyed. Made in the USA. This one of a kind placard measures 8 inches across and is 1/2 inch tall.

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