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Handwoven Navajo Ceremonial Wedding Basket

Handwoven Navajo Ceremonial Wedding Basket

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Product Information

NB11104 - Handwoven Navajo Wedding Basket
Handwoven Navajo Ceremonial Wedding Basket. This basket is made from an inner coil of sumac or cottonwood and has an outer coiling of split thin-leafed yucca. The basket has changed from a clean white coloration to a more subtle reddish yellow patina over a one hundred plus year span. The step designs are clouds or mountains, the red ring in the can be described as a rainbow, and the center represents the beginning of life. The main feature of any wedding basket design is the pathway, adopted from the Navajo creation story. These baskets are traditional and are widely used for ceremonial occasions. Made in the USA. This antique basket measures 22" diameter and 3" deep.