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HB14101 - Hopi Coil Basket

Matina Martin Hopi Coil Basket With Raised Turtle Shell

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Product Information

HB14101 - Hopi Coil Basket by
This is a handwoven Hopi coil basket by Matina Martin. A lot of preparation is done before a coiled basket can be made. The weaver usually collects the plants needed after July, however the materials that are required to produce a basket can sometimes be difficult to find, due to the lack of rainfall and growth of the plants. The weaver now more than often has to look further to gather the plants. Weaving a coiled basket requires significant skill and knowledge which is handed down from the women in the family. The design depicts a turtle with a raised shell. Turtles within the Hopi culture represent a direct connection to water, and the water clan. Water is very important to the Hopi, so oftentimes symbols related to water are used in basket and jewelry designs made by the Hopi. This basket measures 9" diameter.