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Remala Lomayestewa Handwoven Hopi Coil Basket

Remala Lomayestewa Handwoven Hopi Coil Basket

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Product Information

HB18105 - Hopi Handmade Coil Basket
Hopi handwoven coil basket by Remala Lomayestewa. It takes hard work and dedication to weave a plaque. When picking the materials it is proper to give a food offering in Hopi tradition and pick enough to leave some for others. While picking, weavers think about the blessings they received. If a plaque doesn't want to be flat, it wants to be a basket, vice versa, from basket to plaque. Each plaque and basket is important representing the Hopi life and plant life. The design depicts an eagle which stands for wisdom and courage. One of a kind. Made in the USA. This basket measures 15" diameter.