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HK16100 - Hopi Sipikne Katsina Doll by Jeremy Lanza

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HK16100 - Hopi Sipikne Katsina Doll by Jeremy Lanza

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Product Information

Sipikne Katsina Doll is Handmade by Jeremy Lanza.
Sipikne Katsina doll is hand carved and hand painted by Jeremy Lanza. The Sipikne katsina doll is a kachina from Zuni but he is usually danced by the Hopi's. He is a fast dance who brings his knees all the way to his chest. He usually comes during the night dances, the bean dance, mixed katsina dance and other ceremonial dances. The katsina doll is made of cottonwood tree root, it is light and soft to hold. Hopi's recognize the cottonwood tree as a promise of water, where a cottonwood tree grows there is water. The katsina doll stands at 9" tall and 4 1/4'' wide. This katsina doll is one of a kind item.