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J.B. MOORE RUG - A1492

J.B. MOORE RUG - A1492

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Product Information

CA. 1925
This is a handmade Native American rug and a one of a kind item. Navajo J.B. Moore Crystal rug ca 1925. J.B. Moore was a trader at the Crystal trading post in New Mexico. At the turn of the 20th century Navajo weaving was experiencing a decline. J.B. Moore began an innovative method of reaching Eastern buyers through a catalogue and also encouraging excellence from his local weavers. He encouraged his weavers toward patterns that were quite different than the blanket designs woven previously, incorporating borders and Eastern carpet designs. In this way Mr. Moore was very influential in changing the way Navajo weaving designs appeared and his influence can still be seen in Navajo rugs today. This Navajo rug has bold geometric and spinning star designs in all natural black, white and grey. The size of this rug is 54" x 87".