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Large Apache Polychrome Olla

Size: 21" W23.25" H
SKU: 900135380



Large Apache polychrome olla. This basket has a high round shoulder and flared rim, woven in a complex diamond lattice. While there is some debate, it is thought that the Apache did not weave coiled jars, or ollas, for their own consumption, but rather made them exclusively for sale. Descriptions or accounts of ollas are not found in existing literature regarding early Apache ethnographies. It is thought that the practice of weaving ollas probably began shortly after the Western Apaches internment at San Carlos. The concept of the olla would have been known to the Apache from their small woven water jugs. The weaving of large, elaborately figured ollas like this one is known to have begun a few decades before the turn of the century. After 1900, most Apache weavers were no longer making the large ollas. Polychrome ollas using red willow also began to appear after this time. 9" diameter at the opening.

Circa: Late 1800s

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