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Carrie Tsosie Navajo Handwoven Chief Rug

SKU: 900037807

R10059;918518-Navajo Handwoven Chief Rug by Carrie Tsosie

$9,500.00 $5,600.00

Navajo handmade Chief rug woven by Carrie Tsosie, daughter of the well known weaver Anita Tsosie. Chiefs blankets are more distinguished by its square shape which originally started out as a plain design of stripes. The blankets were traded mostly to either the Plains Indians or to the Pueblo's. This finely woven rug has a dark plum colored background and embellished with zig-zags, stepped patterns, lines, diamonds, and stripes. This rug is made with commercially dyed wool that has been re-spun by the weaver. This is a one of a kind item. Measures 62" by 49 1/2".
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