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Navajo Handwoven Klagetoh Rug _R18167;942224

Navajo Handwoven Klagetoh Rug _R18167;942224

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Product Information

Navajo Handwoven Klagetoh Rug by Pauline Nez
Navajo handwoven Klagetoh rug woven by Pauline Nez. The Klagetoh weaving is very similar to the Ganado rugs, but with a predominantly gray background instead of the Ganado’s red. Some experts do not consider Klagetoh a specific regional rug but a sub-type of Ganado. This rug is woven with commercially dyed wool of gray, white, red and black that was rewashed and hand spun. This is a one of a kind item. Made in the USA. The rug measures 50" by 37".