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Navajo Handwoven Saddle Blanket Rug - R16357;935470

Navajo Handwoven Saddle Blanket Rug - R16357;935470

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Product Information

Navajo Handmade Saddle Blanket by Chester Wagon
Navajo Handwoven Saddle Blanket by Chester Wagon.The saddle blankets, often featuring bright colors, elaborate patterns and fringes, were probably more for show than function. Saddle blankets are the only type of textile that were simultaneously popular among Anglos, Hispanics and the Navajo themselves. This saddle blanket has the two the yellow, beige and black wool enter-twinning in the twill weave, also with the red wool tassels. Measures 30 1/2" x 28". (Size does not include the tassels)