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Circa 1875


Late Classic Navajo Serape CA 1875 Navajo "Serape" style blanket woven of raveled respun bayeta wool (with the exception of one single thin line of 3 ply Saxony yarn), aniline red, Indigo blue, and green (blend of indigo blue and vegetal yellow). "Late Classic" refers to blankets woven shortly after the "Classic" weaving period that ended with the Navajo's internment at Bosque Redondo. This weaving is a woman's size wearing blanket featuring a vertical row of Indigo blue crosses with green centers flanked by stepped zig-zags. The outer edges of the blanket are defined by a series of straight vertical lines and another row of flanked crosses on each side. The outer edges of the blanket are woven in a half and quarter diamond design against a striped background reminiscent of a 3rd phase chief's blanket design. This blanket has some water spots on one edge. The weaving measures approximately 70 1/2 inches wide by 47 1/2 inches long. ONE ONLY! Please reference Sku # 990801257
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