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CIRCA 1875


Navajo third phase chief's blanket woven of hand spun Churro wool in natural white and black, indigo dyed blue, and raveled bayeta of aniline dyed red. The chief's blanket is so-named because these Navajo woven blankets; warm, soft, naturally water-resistant, artistically beautiful , and skillfully woven, were greatly valued by the Native Americans of the Plains as well as the Southwest. These blankets were costly to obtain and were usually worn by chiefs or important headmen. This blanket beautifully designed with a background of deep chocolate brown and white stripes with alternating bands of chocolate brown and red outlined indigo at the top and bottom and through the center. Over this background are patterned diamonds; a full diamond in the center, half diamonds at the edges, and quarter diamonds in the corners in raveled bayeta red and indigo. The effect of this design was meant to be appreciated while worn. The blanket measures 68 inches wide by 60 inches long.
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