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Navajo Basket

Size: 13.25" W1.5" H
SKU: 900109345



Navajo pictorial basket by weaver Elsie Holiday. Elsie was taught the art of basket weaving by her mother-in-law, master weaver Betty White Holiday. She blesses her baskets with prayers and protection songs to provide happiness and health to the owner. This contemporary handwoven basket is embellished with six corn stalk designs. It is made from sun bleached and commercially dyed sumac strips that are hand gathered in Utah and New Mexico.

Elsie Holiday

Elsie Holiday is Navajo and was born in the winter of 1964 to the Bit’ahnii (Leaf clan...Under His Cover clan) Clan. Elsie’s beautiful artwork is a family tradition stemming from her mother, Betty W. Holiday. "It (basketry) gives me joy and happiness....I have been at it so long that I cannot go on without working on my baskets. I just love to make them and create patterns," Elsie said of her basketry.

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