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Luann Tafoya Santa Clara Blackware Pottery Vase

SKU: 900109441

SCP11100 – Santa Clara Blackware Vase by Luann Tafoya


Handmade Santa Clara blackware pottery vase by Luann Tafoya. Luann Tafoya born 1938 to 1988. she creates large ceramic pieces using traditional methods. She is known for her large, highly polished black and red vessels decorated with variations like her mother Margaret Tafoya. Those few pieces that remain command top dollar in the collector's market. This particular vase features incised geometric designs around the circumference above the shoulder and polished with a gun metal finish. Signature incised on bottom "Luann Tafoya Santa Clara". The size of this pot is 15" tall and 10 1/2" diameter.
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