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Teec Nos Pos/ Crystal Rug - A1563

Teec Nos Pos/ Crystal Rug - A1563

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Product Information

CA 1920
This ia a Navajo Handwoven Teec Nos Pos/Crystal rug by an unknown weaver. This rug features two unique square-shaped medallions with arrows pointing inward and outward. This rug is considered a variant or it could have been woven in one of these two areas: Teec Nos Pos or Crystal. Teec Nos Pos rugs are known for there intricate freeform pattern work on the inside and usually have a wide border. The Crystal area was producing many rugs during this time period and may have had weavers that were influenced or encouraged to weave new patterns. This particular rug nevertheless is very different for its time period CA 1920. The other noticable feature is the prayer feathers running alongside the borders. This rug is woven from natural, vegetal, and aniline dyed wool. Measures 5'8" x 3'9".