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Connie Francisco Handwoven Tohono O’odham Basket

SKU: 900109449

TOB10104 – Tohono O’odham Basket

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Handwoven Tohono O' odham basket by Connie Francisco. The Papago Indians, now called Tohono O' Odham (People of the Desert), inhabit over 50 villages within their beautiful reservation in southern Arizona. Here they still gather the materials for their baskets as their ancestors did. This authentic piece of Native American art consists of two parts: the warp (inner coil) is made of bear grass, the weft (design) is harvested either from the soap tree yucca, the pod of the devil's claw (black), or the roots of the banana yucca (red). This basket is embellished geometric designs. One of a kind. Made in the USA. The measurements are 10" in height including the lid and 10" in diameter.
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