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TOB13106 - Tohono O'Odham Man in the Maze Basket

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TOB13106 - Tohono O'Odham Man in the Maze Basket

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Handwoven Tohono O'Odham Man in the Maze Basket by an Unknown Artist
Handwoven Tohono O' Odham man in the maze basket by an unknown artist. The Tohono O'Odham Tribe is located within the Sonoran Desert in south central Arizona.The basket depicts "The Man in the Maze" symbol, which is commonly used by the tribe. The symbol represents life and choice. At the top of the maze is a male figure named I'itoi, the creator. He is standing at the opening of the basket which represents birth into the world. Through the maze a person will take many twists and turns, growing stronger and wiser while finding the deeper meaning in life. The circle in the center has a meaning of death. Once a person reaches the center they will be able to look back on their completed journey and the maze that they have created through the struggles and lessons learned in life, and find acceptance. This basket was created by a member of the Tohono O' Odham tribe and was made with local yucca plants. it measures 13" diameter and 3 1/2" deep.