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Yavapai Apache Eagle Basket Tray

Yavapai Apache Eagle Basket Tray

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Product Information

B1066-CIRCA 1870
Yavapai Apache tray woven of willow and devil's claw. These earlier, finely woven Apache trays were made most often for Apache consumption as gifts or for ceremony. Later toward the beginning of the 20th century many baskets were made for trade at the Trading Posts and along the stops for the new Santa Fe railroad. The design of this basket features an outlined 4-point star, eagles, and wide triangles. This basket would have been made much as Native American baskets are made today using a knife, and awl, and the weaver's skill. There are few Apache basket makers today. Being made of organic material, as was most Native American art, few examples remain in good condition. This is a particularly finely woven and early piece that exemplifies the Yavapai Apache skill for finely woven and artistically beautiful basketry. Made in the USA. The tray measures 15 inches in diameter.