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Cameron Trading Post – Native American Gift Shop in the Grand Canyon Area

It’s come a long way from the old shack perched on the edge of the Little Colorado River Gorge! Time was when it would take days, sometimes months, to travel across the reservation and trade for the fine Native American Arts and Southwest Decor at Cameron Trading Post. Now, with modern transportation or the click of a mouse, our Native American jewelry, Pueblo pottery, Indian baskets, Hopi kachinas and Navajo rugs are far more accessible. While some things have changed, local trade is still alive and well at the Cameron Trading Post, and we continue to offer a wide variety of fine Indian jewelry, Navajo Rugs, Indian baskets, Native American pottery, carvings, sculpture and Plains Indian beadwork. For nearly a century, the Cameron Trading Post has evolved from a remote outpost to one of the area’s largest and most complete offerings of Native American art and Southwestern Decor.

Authentic Native American Pottery

But the selection and variety of our Southwest decor is exceeded by that of our authentic Native American arts and handcrafts!  Whether admiring a Santa Clara vase or trying a turquoise and sterling silver ring on for size, you will be struck by the uniqueness and history of each individually handcrafted piece. Our Indian jewelry selection provides a wide range of prices and represents Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Santo Domingo, and many other tribal artisans. Turquoise jewelry is always a favorite, but we offer an amazing variety of material and craftsmanship beside the classic turquoise Indian jewelry.  Tohono O odham Indian baskets, Hopi Kachina carving, Pueblo pottery, and Plains Indian beadwork are just a sampling of some of the Native American art and handcraft available here in a wide range of price and variety representing Native American tribal cultures spanning the American Southwest. Here you will also find authentic relics born of the great cowboy culture and pioneer spirit. Old spurs, firearms and clothing that survived the rough and rowdy times of the Old West as well as contemporary paintings, bronze sculptures and clothing which was inspired by that era.

The Pueblo Native American pottery you will find here includes the well know Acoma pottery artist names like Lewis, Victorino, Cerno, Antonio and Garcia. The same is true for the Hopi Native American pottery, representing Featherwoman, Frogwoman, Other Navasie and Naha artists as well as Nampeyo, Silas, and others. Santa Clara and San Ildefonso Pueblo pottery from artists of the Martinez, Tafoya, and other well-known families are also standard. Our Navajo rug room is well known as one of the largest selections of hand woven Navajo rugs in the U.S. Aside from other beautiful handmade Native American art such as Hopi Kachina Dolls, Navajo sandpaintings, Indian Baskets, and Native American sculpture, the Cameron Trading Post gift shop provides a large selection of Southwest Decor items, Southwest art, and gift items.

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At our trading post you will find the expected; ceramic cups, plates, salt and pepper shakers, cowboy hats, T-shirts, tom-toms, and tomahawks (rubber, of course!) and the unexpected; fine furnishings and accessories, beautiful ceramics, Western wear, fine art, and, well…tomahawks (artful reproductions, of course!)  Our Southwest decor includes beautiful metal sculpture and wall art, dramatic Plains Indian reproductions of ceremonial and weaponry items. In addition to our Southwest decor are many Southwestern domestics and fun Southwestern themed foods like fun salsas, soups, and a great Navajo Fry bread mix! So whether you enjoy Native American art, Southwest decor, or just fun gifts the items available at our gift shop are sure to be mementoes you will treasure.

Here at Cameron there is so much to see and do, we want you here to share it with us! But if you can’t make the trip in person, we hope you enjoy browsing our website and shopping for Native American jewelry, pottery, rugs and art at our online store for a taste and feel of what has made this place so special for so long.

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